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Accumulating Silver Coins Through Silver Snowball – Is Silver Snowball A Scam?

Is Silver Snowball A Scam? 

Silver Snowball is a referral marketing program that permits one to accumulate one-ounce American Silver Eagle coins every month. In case you refer others to purchase silver by this program, you get extra American silver eagles for free.

As with all MLM, network marketing, or referral marketing program, a preferred question in the mind of those considering this system is … “Is Silver Snowball a rip-off?”

Usually, a “scam” is taken to mean the program doesn’t fulfill its promise; in this case, the promise is to ship the silver you purchase each month in addition to any free silver coins to which you will be entitled to receive.

As a participant in the Silver Snowball program, you’re required to buy at least one coin per month; this price is a bit over the wholesale price, and a shipping and handling fee is added. However, if you are entitled to obtain free American silver eagles by referring others to buy silver by means of this system, you will obtain further coins completely free … even the shipping and handling fee does not change past what you paid on your private order.

As mentioned in my other articles, it’s likely the U.S. Mint will finally give up minting new American Silver Eagle coins as a result of the coming silver supply crisis. Nonetheless, I have been promptly receiving my silver coins via the Silver Snowball program promptly with no excuses or delays for a number of months now.

So, until the U.S. Mint renders new silver coins unobtainable, I have to avow Silver Snowball is Not a scam. You’ll receive your coins, and once you have referred others to the program, you’ll buy silver coins below wholesale worth; the more gross sales you refer, the higher your discount will be. Once silver coins are no longer accessible, the founder of Silver Snowball, Ed Freeman, will either substitute a different coin … maybe gold since silver will simply no longer be obtainable in any kind … or he will terminate the program.

Either way, this is simply economics and business; Silver Snowball is not a scam.


Written By Dr. Bryan Stoker 

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Is Silver Snowball Real?

December 22, 2010 3 comments

To clarify- the coin shop said they’d BUY the coin for around $31.  They were selling for about $34 each.

Silver at 900 dollars an ounce?

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Mike Dillard posted a 90 minute video this week in which he makes the case for $900 an ounce silver.  The presentation is a preview to a monthly service he is selling which is meant to give “inside information” to the investments of the rich.  I didn’t sign up for the service (though it probably is great information), but the video is worth a watch.  He says he’s taking it down soon, so think might not work.

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My Coin Arrives

December 16, 2010 1 comment

Got my first coin today. I hope it’s real. For the website go to

Day 1 of my Silver Snowball Journey

December 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Follow my journey as I find out in real time if the Silver Snowball works.

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